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There are memories which passed on business during half a year in Usu Mt. volcano information
2000.4/6// Italy. Tomakomai is also near and c.
Courage West Iburi!
An active volcano, Mt. Usu in Hokkaido bursted into eruption!
Information related to Usu Mt.disaster prevention (offer:(*weather news*))
Usu Mt. volcano activity damage information
Volcano information and regional information of Mr.(Ms.) Tomita who
manages length harmony flower basket on Italy city
Kami-nagawa area is designated to evacuation area.

Rescue volunteer work local measures headquarters
Usu Mt. eruption damage information

started it on monthly "Life magazine + catalog" January 1, 2000.
The September edition is being put on the market on September 1 in2000.(Put it on JR Obihiro and (*kiwosc*). )
Hokkaido Dosanko plaza sales have been decided.
The topic of Tokachi can be offered everywhere outside the road.
Wednesday during the first week in every month(irregularity)FM-JAGA From10:30 STAFF of the Tokachi life performs. - please .

Digital and the net can be done in 2F of wearing fathom digital private school Popolo and the space which can be experienced be done.
August 10, 2000(Thursday)DaianOpening. Many experience the net every day.

[Digital private school DiECafe schedule table ]membership only

Press work Obihiro real-time camera secret base relay(Be stopping now. )

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Barrier-free, nursing insurance, and a universal design : to on earth -

It is a bulletin board of
the food of Tokachi.

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Shizuko Fujiwara New CD 7/25
Georjia On My Mind

NAM Record@\3000
The where to make contac hera

"<(*cage*)> tokachi life" There is no update 2000.4.19
since then.

Breathing northern nature"Field of Enviromental Art, SAHORO Lake"
Forest of (*sahoro*)
lake environmental art

The reflections of this ""of
various places
It is possible to see live.


apple QuickTime Cool Sites
Asahikawa digital private school
real time

Internet broadcasting station
which makes (*degetera*)
mother's body. Information from
Hokkaido Asahikawa to all parts
of the world is wired.

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The Ƃ magazine is updated by hand power every day and o my-done. (*essa*) and (*hoisa*), etc.

Saturday, September 30th of 2000(Daian)@

cools little by little though lingering summer heat still continues.

The weather of Obihiro is
Disaster prevention weather

WeatherIt might be
It is 20 cities, towns, and
villages in Tokachi branch administrative office information.

Press work gallery/2000.6.3

Kodera photograph exhibition
he population of the exploding world of todayHere.
At last, [it] has become 6,000,000,000 people. becomes a calculation where three people a second have been born in the world.

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Tokyo Arakawa

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retreats and against beer.
The opinion is here.

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To HP of the joining

Sapporo City
waterworks bureau

Kamishihoro adult

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which resident of Tokachi kingdom unfolds and cultivation in plains Mr.family unfolds.

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